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today's comic relief

Posted Apr 19 2013 11:47am

Humor is always a good and useful thing. Even (and often, especially) in times when things are stressful, scary, or sad.

So, here's a little joke for you guys.

I couldn't possibly have made this up. I'm not funny like that- I can't even remember any jokes to tell, and if I did tell any they wouldn't sound very funny... but this popped into my head yesterday when I was talking to someone about perfectionism and I thought it was right on.

How many perfectionists does it take to change a lightbulb?

It doesn't matter how many of them are available- they're all so afraid of not doing it right that none of them would be able to act.

If this is in fact a real joke that exists somewhere out there it probably has a funnier punch line- I mean, it would be worded funnier- but this is certainly accurate, right?! This is the way it popped into my head. 

You perfectionists out there know how true this is. That horrible fear that if you move at all you'll do something wrong... so you'd better not move at all.

One of the seriously lousy side effects of this perfectionism stuff- ending up paralyzed and unable to make any move at all.

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