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today's Bumper Sticker: Proud

Posted Mar 20 2013 12:36pm

I know- we haven't had a Bumper Sticker in the longest time!! I'm very excited about it!

This one isn't terribly original, but I was talking about it yesterday with someone and it's a good one to keep in mind. It can have lots of variations. The one I was using yesterday was: Eat Proud

We could also have:

Live Proud

Walk Proud

Sing Proud

Speak Proud

just to name a few...

I was going on and on about this with this person yesterday, who was being a very good sport about it-even proposed Brush Your Teeth Proud, Get Into Your Car Proud and Use Your Turn Signal Proud... at this point she was looking at me like I was nuts...

My point of course was that it's not so much what we're doing but how we're doing it, and how we're feeling about doing it. I'm Typing Proud right this minute. So, go out there and work to Do Your Day Proud :)

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