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Thoughts from a food addict

Posted Apr 27 2009 11:30pm
I have always heard about the the chocolate bar at the old Meridian Hotel in Boston. I have always wanted to check it out but never got there. This weekend I was at the Love, Light and Laughter event, at the Quincy Marriot, and to my surprise there was a chocolate bar out in the hallway. I was sitting at a booth and noticed people getting into a line.. I asked the person I was with what the line was for... She said the line was for the chocolate bar. I was like hmmmmm. My long awaited wish of going to to a chocolate bar has arrived. I thought well there are reasons why I can go and take part in the activity and also reasons why Idon't need to go and partake in the chocolate bar. Then there was the thought of: I can go to the chocolate bar and really have a great time of eating what was there.. and feel guilty after I have eaten it all OR I could feel really good about making the choice of not eating the chocolate morsels.
What a quandry .... My choice in what to do was to stay away from the chocolate bar.
I felt really good about making that choice.. and I felt that I made the right choice. I know that if I had some of the chocolate the enjoyment of it would last until i had finished my last bite. Then the guilt and self loathing would set in.. I didn't want to feel any of those emotions ...
This is a step forward for me.. Tiny steps like these are a good sign.. I have come to the conclusion i don't need to stuff myself every time Iam feeling a little bit stressed. I have known this for a long time but i have not felt that i was able to stop myself...The change has been that I want to stop the crazy eating.. The feeling i get when i do eat the sugar is not the least bit helpful, nor is it the least bit self-empowering. It abuse that doesn't have to really happen.

With tiny steps i will continue to change this thinking and get back to a place where I will eat food that is healthy for me .

For now I have my lunch planned for tomorrow and also my breakfast and lunch is planned... Tomorrow will be a good day and I will only eat food that is healthy for me . Wishing you all a day of healthy eating and exercise.

I thank my angels for showing me that i can say no to food that i don't really need to eat.. I could really feel their encouragement in helping to pass up the food at the chocolate bar... Thank you angels and thank you for letting me you were there for me...
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