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This is a silly little story, bu ...

Posted Nov 17 2008 10:42pm

This is a silly little story, but I like it because it reminds me how life is a constant process of change, and how it helps to have humor about it!

A friend of mine really likes having beautiful fingernails. She's not vain or particularly preoccupied with much about her appearance. But, the one thing she really likes to have is beautiful fingernails.

So, awhile ago we were having this discussion, where she was complaining that her fingernails were always changing, that just as she got them the way she wanted, something happened- one broke or frayed... something. I found this kind of funny- it seemed obvious to me that this was happening-  I mean, this woman is in a constant state of motion and uses her hands all the time. It's not like she sits around all day and doesn't move!

But I tried to be respectful and hear her out, because I could see this fingernail issue was bothering her. I didn't really know what to say. After awhile I thought I'd point out the obvious: that what she was encountering with her fingernails was simply a day in the life-cycle of fingernails; that there wasn't anything wrong, and there wasn't really anything to be done about it, except for her to adjust to the fact that her fingernails would continue to be in a state of change. She acknowledged the reality of this fact of life. She's a philosophical girl, and very used to the facts of life.

I thought we were done with the issue, although I invited her to continue to complain about the changing nature of her nails over time if it made the situation easier to bear. (Because, as you have heard me say before, while we have to learn to accept how life is, we are not required to always be pleased about it!).

A few days later my friend arrives again to visit. She's gotten acrylic nails and is thrilled! I had to laugh. In this one (minor, but meaningful to her) way, she managed to minimize the changing nature of her nails. I couldn't resist saying that I hoped she realized that even though her nails were now plastic, they were still going to grow and change. She gave me that look that close friends give each other when they're mildly annoyed (and love each other despite this).

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