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Things that don't suck about winter

Posted Nov 03 2009 10:00pm
I hate winter. First off, I hate the cold. I've never liked it, and my eating disorder history only makes my cold intolerance worse. I'm also not fond of the ice, seeing as five years ago, I slipped and fell on a patch of black ice and shattered all of the bones in my osteoporosis-riddled ankle that All the Kings' Horses and All the Kings' Men had to put back together surgically.

But the part about winter that really gets me down is the darkness. My depression tends to get worse in the winter, and I've had several meltdowns around December and January. It happens with such remarkable precision that I have to wonder. I have the little lamp that I try and sit in front of, and I'm not sure it helps, but it doesn't hurt. (Maybe it works because Aria treats it like her own personal kitty-sized tanning salon and basks in the light while it's on, which is hilarious).

However, after reading that CBT is more effective for seasonal depression than light therapy, and getting tired of the constant dread of winter, I thought I would try to find things about winter that don't suck.

1. The cold makes coffee taste better.
2. More darkness means better effects from my candles.
3. Scarves!
4. Wool socks.
5. Looking out the windows at the pretty snow.

Can anyone add to my list? I'm not looking to make winter my favorite season, but it would be nice not to start getting sad in August when I realize that all of this lovely daylight is going away.
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