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They just don’t get it…

Posted Jun 18 2008 6:09pm

I’m seeing more and more results in my Google Alerts for IE. Problem is, it’s usually in an blog post or article that references how it’s a “new diet” that is catching on.

Here’san example.

It makes me want to scream. They are missing the point, entirely.

Intuitive Eating is NOT a diet. It’s not about losing weight… it can’t work and be about losing weight. Dieting is not conducive to eating intuitively. If you’ve got those “diet mentality” thoughts running through your head, it interferes with your ability to really listen to your body. Those of us learning to eat more intuitively who have been chronic dieters understand that there are times when we lapse back into those thoughts. When that happens, we have a choice. We can give in to the “diet cop” in our brains, or we can fight through it to really listen to what’s being said by our intuition.

It’s not easy. It’s harder than any diet I’ve ever tried. What’s different, though, is that this is for life. Diets aren’t.



PS. Sorry for the extended absence. The last two weeks, my grad school class has been utterly demanding!

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