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Them porous, brittle bones

Posted Mar 28 2009 3:47pm 1 Comment

At this time last year, I got a bone scan for the first time and found out I have osteopenia, the precursor to osteoporosis. This year, my bone density is even worse and now I am just on the edge of osteoporosis. I’m 27 years old and I have the bones of a woman more than twice my age. Remember to take your calcium, kids, and remember that it can happen to you. Eating disorders take a major toll on the body in the long-term.

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Isn't it just...crazy? I always had this subconscious "superwoman" complex, but it IS time to face the facts- AN causes low bone density, which in turn, demonstrates the fact that we certainly ARE NOT invincible. Grrr. Back in October 2008, I had a DEXA scan finally done- I have lower lumbar osteopenia at age 23 (only 22 then). My own mother, who is turning 60 next year, has much better bones than me, despite the fact that she's had breast cancer... twice. Argh!
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