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The Family Game

Posted Apr 20 2013 7:50am
The last couple weeks my days have become pretty routine.  Breakfast, School drop off, Run/Workout, School Pickup, Store, Lunch, Blog, Dinner, Work.  It makes for some really busy, really jam-packed days.  I really like staying busy.  However, when I have a day off I cherish that night-time family time I get with Josh and the kids.

One of my favorite family dinner nights is taco night! Last night I made some fresh Pico de gio and guacamole in my Ninja.

zombie 003

There is nothing better than fresh taco toppings.

zombie 008

This was our set up.  We used flat out’s with flax instead of tortillas and cut them in half. I actually like them better and they are a lot fewer calories (even though I haven’t been counting calories.)

zombie 010

I piled mine up.  They were amazing of course.  It’s the little things in life….like taco night, that makes me happy.

zombie 014

Have you ever played zombie?  Apparently, our family is all about zombies. We are addicted to The Walking Dead, we (and by we I mean not me) play Resident Evil, and we play zombie with the kids in the evening.  It’s one of my favorite things to see when we have family time together at night.  Josh is always the zombie.  He hides and the kids walk around trying to find him.  Then he comes out and chases them down. They scream, laugh, and run to me to save them.  Then it starts all over again.  By the end of it, everyone is out of breath, laughing, and worn out.

zombie 017

Braiden’s usual hiding spot is under the dining room table.

zombie 021

Insert scream here.

zombie 022

Simply one of the best things in life.

Question: Do you have any family games?



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