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The Art of Positive Thinking

Posted Jul 16 2009 12:00am

I am, by nature, a glass half empty person . If I think the worst, I’m tempting fate; if I’m quietly confident, then catastrophe is inevitable.

Or that’s what it feels like sometimes.

Fortunately, positive thinking can be acquired.

Like any bad habit, you can re-wire your head if you practice something enough.

And why – you may be asking – is positive thinking so important? Aren’t there enough sickly sweet eternal optimists out there already? Isn’t a touch of realism an asset?

I don’t think I’ll ever find a pair of rose-tinted glasses that totally fits and I’m not attempting a complete reformation – but, I think that life would be a little easier if my outlook was a touch sunnier. I think that my eating disorder would be a little less likely to rear it’s nasty little head again if I didn’t always think the worst.

There’s nothing like a few negative automatic thoughts to fuel depression and a bleak vision of the future is scant motivation for change ….

So, positive thinking – in moderation – is the way forward; and, I’ve been practising how it’s done.

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