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The Anorexic's Alphabet

Posted Jun 15 2009 10:05pm
A is for aspartame, the only sweet allowed.
B is for broccoli, the ultimate safe food.
C is for calorie, which you always count.
D is for diet, that you're always on.
E is for elliptical machine, your BFF.
F is for fat, something you always feel.
G is for garbage, where your food usually ends up.
H is for happy, a feeling you can't remember.
I is for identity, what the eating disorder is.
J is for jealousy, that other women seem to feel.
K is for potassium, always low.
L is for losing weight, your favorite activity.
M is for mother, the cause of anorexia.
N is for nobody, who can penetrate your mindset.
O is for obsession, consuming your every second.
P is for perfection, as you accept nothing less.
Q is for quarter-pound, either too much or too little.
R is for recovery, that seems so far off.
S is for sleep, which perpetually eludes you.
T is for therapy, where your money goes.
U is for U-turn, that everyone hope's you'll make.
V is for vigilance, exercise this or you'll get fat.
W is for weight, of which you can never lose enough.
X is for X chromosome, and it is assumed you have two.
Y is for yourself, someone you no longer know.
Z is for zero, the size you strive to be.

( Sorry for the bit of a downer, but it fits my mood right now. I'm not sure how tongue-in-cheek it's meant to be. )
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