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That one time I went for a walk.

Posted Jul 20 2013 7:40am
Yaye for new Blog Designs!  soon!

Yesterday I filled up with my favorites for breakfast…

I was really motivated from yesterdays 800′s that I decided to do some more today. 

Training workout 1: Treadmill @ 1 incline

Mile 0-.25 @ 8:30 pace

Mile .25-.35 @ 8:00 pace

Mile .35-.45 @ 7:30 pace

Mile .45-.50 @ 7:00 pace

1 minute recovery between.  I did 6 for a total of 3 miles.

Then I got on the elliptical for 5 miles.

 I was snack crazy yesterday!  I had a hard boiled egg, the walnuts from Scarlet’s almond walnut pack (the one thing she doesn’t like), I store another snack from the kids, another half of a cookie (someone has the will power to only eat half a cookie in this house) and some over ripe strawberries that tasted like candy!  They were fabulous and I dreamt about them last night.

Lunch: Salad. Eggs. Jalapenos. Caesar. Deliciousness in a bowl.

I was really stressed yesterday and my anxiety was through the roof.  When I get anxious, I also get insecure and everything is blown up in my mind and made 1,000,000 times worse by my own brain.

Besides moving and other personal stuff, it’s taken me a long time to get used to the kids leaving every other weekend.  I used to cry sporadically through out the weekends when they were gone.  I’ve gotten better but it still isn’t easy.  I get anxious sometimes they day they have to go…. and hormonal and over emotional and become a mini mess.


When I get stressed I know I can turn to working out. I used to do bad bad things when I was stressed and alone. (Binge/Purge) Now I know that as soon as I drop the kids off I can go to the Gym instead of going home and being alone until Josh gets home.

Workout #2- I did 2 miles on the tread mill and 3 on the elliptical.

Then I got off and decided I needed to go outside and get out. My legs were shot and my body was not up for a run in the 97 degree 50% humidity that was Missouri yesterday.  So I decided for the first time in a really long time, I would go for a walk by myself.  I turned up my Ipod and started talking to myself in my head.  It was great and very relaxing. It went like this…

It’s really hot and humid… maybe this is a bad idea…..

….Oh I like this song…..

Mile One….I want to climb that rock. One day when my muscles aren’t burning, I’ll climb that rock….

Mile Two……Okay, It’s not that hot out….

Mile Three…. Awe, look at the… DON”T STEP IN BIRD POOP, DON’T STEP IN BIRD POOP!…..

Mile 4….. Okay it’s hot out and that’s a big hill…. (Everclear’s Everything You Want comes on Ipod) .. awe, this brings me back to 7th grade….

Mile 5…..I miss softball. (See the softball field in the background?)

After… Me calm…  I should do that more often.

 My dinner. Foot long veggie from Subway. This girl doesn’t mess around after a workout day like today.

Dessert: Oh you know…. Heaven. Caramel Crunch Gelato.  I inhaled it while watching two episodes of Million Dollar Listing New York.  No pictures of that.

Have a great weekend! It’s Yard Sale time and Josh is pushing me out the door! 




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