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Posted Sep 12 2008 11:57am
I'm now qualified to teach English as a foreign language, or as qualified as I can be without any experience! I spent the weekend with other people on the same course (it'd be all online up until then) planning lessons and taking them. It was as much fun pretending to be the kids as it was actually teaching! I could apply for jobs abroad now but the salaries are less of course and right now I just couldn't afford to take a pay cut. I will do next year though. I'm planning to spend 2 weeks in Rio teaching in September; the placement is booked, it's just the flights left to get but I'll leave them for a while and hope the prices go down!

I want to teach!!! But only if they want to learn English, I'd never press the language on someone who was against learning English. By that I don't mean a kid who just doesn't want to go to school; we push our values as ideal, including our language (even though a lot of rules are mixed up!) and n o one should feel they have to learn. I would like it to be fun and Rio sounds like a good place to start.
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