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Posted May 31 2010 5:08am

Taste is a funny thing.

It's a very subjective thing. There's no right or wrong kind of taste- it's wholly about what each of us finds to our liking. (And this is exactly why I'm guessing Sarah, and probably many of you guys have difficulty with the idea of taste).

I'm talking about all kinds of taste here: taste in cars, clothes, people, chocolate, jewelry, hobbies, places to live, vegetables, furniture, places to vacation... everything.

Have you ever thought about how many different clothing stores there are in the world? How many different styles of clothing exist? I saw a miniskirt the other day that I thought was just ridiculous- but the person wearing it appeared to be quite proud of her choice- and it did seem to suit her. And that's cool. I don't have to wear that miniskirt, and she gets to. She may hate the things I like to wear. Or she might like some of them and not others... 

Sometimes people become very rigid about the idea of taste- they somehow learn to believe their idea of taste should be everyone's idea of taste. Then they make proclamations about what's right and wrong. This isn't a good idea, and it's not accurate anyway. Taste is just about what is appealing to each of us. As far as I've ever been able to tell, there is no objective, universal standard of ANY kind for what's right and wrong in taste.

Anyway, imagine how dull and boring it would be if everyone in the world liked exactly the same thing? And imagine how little creativity we'd have as a species if we all thought exactly the same, were interested in exactly the same things, driven to create only the exact same things... it wouldn't be a very good thing for us humans :) and it wouldn't be any fun!
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