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Support the 'Cause" of Freedom. Role Models, Historical Figures, Women of importance, Fighting for our freedom.

Posted Feb 05 2011 9:20pm 7 Comments


   To: All that are proud to be Americans

                    There is freedom in this life. Recognize our freedoms in this country and in our own lives even your everyday freedoms. You are freer than you think, and everywhere you go there is a flag around every corner to remind us of our freedom. There are War Heros, there are soldiers, there are millions of people that can motivate you and inspire you to know that miracles exist and we are alive and we are freer than we could ever realise!

      To support our efforts in believing in freedom. Here are some ideas to get you motivated and inspired in our freedoms.

~ Do some research and look up some books on Freedom. Read a variety of books on the history of our freedoms in this country. Read books about true miracles stories.



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The Book of Mormon, has a beautiful story that helps me get back up on my feet when I remember the story of Captain Moroni.  I look at our flag and I think of it as the title of liberty. I have realised that I am a soldier and even anyone battling an addiction is a soldier and we need to be strong because we are putting our lives on the line when we refuse to fight any longer. Our children need us, and our spouses, and our famlies. We are not alone because we have each other, we have those that have fought and died for our freedom, we have those that have suffered and lived for our freedom, we have those that still fight for our freedom.


Even all the children of the world.

Do not be discouraged if you say to yourself, who am I? To be a role model a leader? An example? A soldier to lead an army of people to freedom from there addictions and troubles? How can I that can not completely win the battle victoriously and be done with this battle be a leader, or a help, or do anything significant. The worse you have struggled, and you are able to overcome in any way at all, even just by simply fighting with all your strength is going to lead people to be inspired and together we can make a difference in the world if we realise we can be soldiers and fight this battle against addictions and our troubles. Why lay down and die or refuse to fight? When we see a flag raised high, to support the cause of freedom. Hold onto freedom in being alive and fight with all your strength because we can make a difference together and the worse you have struggled and you are able to overcome it will be an even more powerful inspiration to know that you did it and someone dying can believe because of the horrible struggle to fight addictions and our troubles. So never give up, you might be the one that leads millions and saves lives.
How do you fight? how do you become a soldier in a battle of overcoming your addictions and troubles? Here is an example. Imagine you are in a jungle and you are heroic and strong and you are high in the trees, and this is symbolic because your struggles are great and we have to get from tree to tree. In order to 'hang in there'  or to get back up because you have fallen. So imagine a vine within your reach brought to your attention. You must grab this vine and swing from tree to tree to get you through life, through these dangerous and difficult and perhaps even frighten at times troubles you may have. So symbolicly the vine is a 'positive thought' to get you from 'positive thought' to 'positive thought', 'vine' to 'vine', whethere you slip up or not keep grabbing hold of a power phrase a powerful motivator everyday. Perhaps a famous quote, or a story that motivated you, or that you are alive still and its a blessing and a gift from god. Fight with your life and hold onto all that you have. 
My vine today came from a movie, and I wrote it down and put it up on my wall, to help me fight and get me through the next week or perhaps month with this one positive vine to grab hold of. Surprisingly I was watching a childrens movie with my kids that motivated me extremely. Its called "The Lorax" the childrens book written by Dr Suess. and the trees were all being cut down, and no one was fight, and the lorax was the only one to fight against it, until the very last tree was gone the lorax was gone too. There was left behind what looked like a tombstone, and written on it was the word "UNLESS".  It hit me really hard spiritually and I realised it can also relate to addictions that are life threatening. The world was changed and worse. Like the trees, we too are dying from addictions, suicide, taking chances in life threatening situations. and "Unless" we fight the world is going to have many people dying, when in truth we could be fighting together like soldiers to win this war against addictions, depression, and our troubles, that can ruin our bodies and significantly damage our lives and our world. Dr Suess left a famous quote saying something like unless somebody cares a whole lot we wont make a difference in this world. Imagine A tombstone in the middle of every city saying "Unless", which represents all those that will die from addictions, suicide, and other life threatening illnesses that perhaps could be prevented. So support the cause of freedom and choose to be a soldier along with those that fight, even if you fall everyday, refuse to give up, grab hold of a vine again and again, because you might just save lives, or perhaps just your own. Spoken By someone that cares a whole lot. Out of all the love in my heart for those that have suffered from addictions. We truly can make a difference in the world. Or we can ignore the the tombstone... that lays in every city hidden and written on it says "unless". You can write how the stroy of your life ends, it doesn't have to end tragicly, it can end heroicly, even if you die from your addiction your the story left behind can save somebody else how you chose to fight and never give up even till the very end.
Support the cause of freedom. That togther we will fight like soldiers against this war. We will never surrender. We must recognize the real life consiquences of our addictions. Prevention is the key word here. If we refuse to ignore the real risks and health problems we could avoid even just by making as many changes(even small changes), and we can change our own futures, we can make a real difference. "UNLESS", we start making changes now, we will face the consiquences of how harsh we are being to our bodies and minds.
A real life story of a friend I know with an eatting disorder. She was able to overcome many of the behaviors of her eatting disorder almost entirely except one behavior. That behavior was taking diet pills. She took diet pills every day for five years and suffered the consiquences and began to show signs of another mental illness(besides the eatting disorder) called skitsoaffective. If she had attempted to fight this behavior earlier on she may have avoided this consiquence. Now she has to take medication and has been hospitalized many times because of taking diet pills. It has cause damage to her mental health. So now she has started to make changes and even trying to rid of this behavior as well. 
Why wait until you hit rock bottom? You can avoid soemthing bad happening, start making changes now.
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