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SuperEgg has some good ideas abo ...

Posted Mar 12 2009 3:39pm

SuperEgg has some good ideas about talking in therapy. I had one thing to add.

In keeping with the idea of movement that we were talking about yesterday, I encourage people to talk about whatever they can get themselves to talk about. For example, if there's something you want (or think you should) talk about, but you can't get yourself to for whatever reason, you still have some good options.

With your therapist, you can try to get yourself to talk about the fact that you can't get yourself to talk about something. Or you can try to talk about how hard it is to talk about things. Or you can observe (as you did in your comment on the blog) that it's easier to joke around or talk about others as opposed to focusing on yourself. (of course, it's also fine to print out your comment from the blog and take it into your therapy session- sounds like your therapist would prompt you to read it instead of her reading it, but still, it's a way to get a discussion going...). Any of these are successes- because the goal is movement and connection. The movement comes from you challenging yourself to talk, and the connection comes from involving your therapist in your thought process and in your work on yourself.

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