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Success Equals Getting Back Up Again

Posted Apr 02 2013 11:00am

Our eating disorder loves to tell us that we don't know what to do to get better. It loves to distract us with food-related thoughts and behaviors so recovery seems overwhelmingly confusing - and too time-consuming to devote any significant attention to. After awhile, we even start to believe ourselves when we say "I'm stuck - I don't know what to do".

But we are not stuck. And we do know what to do. What takes time is learning HOW to do it, and practicing our new skills so when we need them the most, they will be on the top of our go-to list instead of buried somewhere at the bottom.

In the movie " Contact " (one of my favs and I talk about it a lot!) you see how forming a simple, pure, and powerful statement of intention cuts through all the complications and obstacles that stand in the path of making the discovery of a lifetime. You see two characters, Ellie ( Jodie Foster ) and Palmer ( Matthew McConaughey ), making their own way towards the pursuit of truth - using different means, encountering different obstacles and choices, but ultimately arriving at their goal because of the power of their statement of intention.

They knew what we are still learning - that FAILURE = Not getting back up, and SUCCESS = Getting back up.

What messages are you sending to yourself each day about failure and success? When you get knocked down, do you stay down or get back up again? Do you have rules (no doubt suggested and reinforced by the eating disorder so often that you have come to think they are your own) about how many times you can get knocked down before you have to stay down and admit defeat? What can you do - now - today - to get back to the basics and follow your intention to recover all the way to its logical conclusion - RECOVERY?

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