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success at staying put

Posted Jul 24 2009 10:47pm

Several people told me this week that they didn't think they were doing the "staying put" exercise correctly.

And Courtney posted a similar thing on the blog.

The thing is, everyone I've talked to is doing the exercise exactly correctly!!! Each person I spoke with had been able to slow down for a moment or two, ask him/herself the two questions and get some information in return.

It's at this point that people thought they didn't get how to do the exercise, or thought they'd failed at it. The information that came to them wasn't always in "perfectly formed" "fully thought out" scripted form. It often was little fragments of feelings and thoughts, both physical and emotional. It might have been some combination of things that seemed recognizable on a feeling/experience level, but that they maybe couldn't put into words. 

All of these "ambiguous" things freaked them out! They wanted the responses to the questions to read like a book, like the final draft of a term paper, like something that had been completely worked through and "finalized."

Just because the responses didn't come in "dissertation form" doesn't mean they weren't the truth of how the person felt at the moment. In fact, I think that's exactly what they were!!

I know it's hard to get used to letting was IS, just be what IS. You guys are so used to getting everything all arranged in your minds, all Perfect, before even telling yourselves what it is, let alone telling the "public" what you're thinking or feeling! 

It really is ok to just think, to just feel, without having to have everything all figured out all the time.

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