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Stess Eating IS FOR ME! My First #WIAW

Posted May 15 2013 12:48pm

Happy Wednesday everyone.  I decided to join in on What I ate Wednesday over at Peas and Crayons .  So let me tell you a little bit about my yesterday first.

Yesterday was just NOT MY DAY.  Braiden woke up with an ear infection at 4am, I was having car troubles, I didn’t think I’d get to run, and to top it all off I was on a diet.  Not a low-calorie, low-fat, or low carb diet, no no.  I was on the, “I have $5 until payday” diet.  I think most can relate at one point in their lives.  It was just one of those months where EVERYTHING was due all at once.  I was trying oh so hard to stay positive but man oh man, it was hard.

I started the day with the same ol’ oatmeal and blueberries.


Then, I got to wait an hour and a half in a tiny room waiting for the doctor to come in and say, “Yep, It’s an ear infection.”  Going to the doctor isn’t bad with one kid but trying to keep the other busy takes some major work. (Braiden is feeling better today by the way.)

For lunch my diet consisted of a wonderfully juicy apple and sunflower seed butter.  You better believe I had a ton more than one spoonful.  Apples taste great anyway but they REALLY taste great when you are starving.

wiaw1 026

Between lunch and dinner I started getting pretty cranky.  I felt stuck in the house on a beautiful day and I was hungry.  Braiden was sleeping all day so I didn’t have him to play with and Scarlet refused to take a nap so I didn’t want to play with her. (CRANKY MISSY MOO)  I was snapping at everyone VIA text and just stressed to the max over what seemed at the time, to be big issues. I finally decided to get on the little treadmill we have here, let Scarlet roam the house and get it all out. I made it 3 miles before my emotions started pouring out of me and I got a little overwhelmed and maybe started crying a little.


After a nice shower things seemed so much better.  I apologized for being a brat and things really started looking up.   I went to the kitchen and got creative with things we had.  I made some instant brown rice with some enchilada seasoning, added a can of black beans and a can of tomatoes and green chilies, popped in some chicken breast and called it dinner after adding some hot sauce.  A pretty good, satisfying dinner at that.  Not very pretty though.

wiaw1 029

After the kids went to bed I got out this….


After a stressful day this is just what I needed.  Which leads me to go on a little rant…..  I think we (meaning me) over think things sometimes.  I worry so much about eating just because I’m stressed and wonder why I crave things, blah blah blah.  Why is it such a bad thing to look forward to a bowl of Ice Cream after a long stressful day?  I think it’s actually healthy! Healthy for your mind, healthy for your happiness.  Let me tell you, I ate that bowl and enjoyed every single bite.  Sure the apple earlier tasted great but those people who say an apple is sweet enough are seriously missing out on some great things in life.  That’s my belief anyways. So yes, Stress eating IS FOR ME and always will be.  I see no shame in that. The stress doesn’t last forever and if a bowl of ice cream helps me keep my head up then so be it.  Today things are already looking up and I’m as happy as could be.  I’m not saying it’s the ice cream talking but…. well, ya never know.


So in conclusion to my little shpeel, I think eating for enjoyment is a good thing and actually a big part of my life. I love to cook and entertain. I love to eat with family and friends.  I love to relax at the end of the day and enjoy food without screaming kids.   So go head, have that ice cream and know that things will get better and you’re going to be okay.  SMILE!  (Even if it’s a cheesy one)


Need something to smile about?  I am happy to say that I’m excited for summer time and for the first time since I was a kid, I’m excited for summer time treats!  With it being in the 90′s yesterday the kids and I broke out some of those today!

wiaw1 005

wiaw1 019

Happy #WIAW everyone!  Go eat some ice cream and be happy for me!



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