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Step Study: Step 2

Posted Jan 30 2011 3:01pm


1.) Alcoholics Anonymous pg. 569-570
2.) Chapter 2 in OA 12×12
3.) Dignity of Choice pamphlet
4.) A Commitment to Abstinence pamphlet


1.)Write a history of your spiritual life from your earliest memory, how it changed, and where you are now.

I never had much of a spiritual life growing up. I was baptized Catholic and made it all the way to first communion, but that’s pretty much it. We never really went to church, and I believed what I believed in because I was told to believe in that. Nobody every really gave me any guidance to any other possibilities out there. In high school I held somewhat of a resentment towards organized religion, basically because I felt it was too judgmental of others who did not hold the same belief systems. I thought it was unfair for someone to say I was going to Hell because I wasn’t a Christian.

I thank God for whatever or whoever let me know there was a huge difference between religion and spirituality. I felt like spirituality worked better for me and I was able to pick my own Higher Power in recovery. At first my Higher Power was fate as I felt like everything happened for a reason. The more I saw miracles, the more willing I was to just choose God as my Higher Power and felt that everything that wash happening was in large part due to him. Everything, actually.

2.) Write in one paragraph what you are now willing to consider as a “power greater than yourself.”

See above…

3.)  Write in one paragraph what you think your belief will be after six months of abstinence/recovery.

I don’t think my belief system will change. Aside from leaving program for six months, I think I’ve always been pretty connected to my Higher Power. I’m not one to ask for his help though — I feel that whatever happens is meant to and my Higher Power is already helping me regardless if I’m going through a tough time or a strong time.

Step 2 Checklist

1.) Have I added quiet time in the morning and evening where I try to ask my Higher Power for the ability to abstain from anorexia one day at a time and express my gratitude and thanks for an abstinent day?

No, and I honestly don’t really plan to. I’d actually love to set quiet time aside in the mornings, but every time I’ve tried, it lasts for about one day and then I realize I’d rather sleep in. I’d also like to use that time to meditate/stretch, but again, I just don’t have the motivation. I do find myself thanking God at night though when I’m laying in bed.

2.) Have I organized a fellowship for myself?

I’m assuming this means all my OA friends. I do have those I can reach out to, however, I usually just use my husband when I’m struggling.

3.) Have I found a sponsor to share their experience in working the steps?


4.) Am I listening for and hearing recovery in the meetings?
Yes. Of course there are those few that continually come with more complaints vs. gratitude/recovery, but even those people help in that they remind me of where I don’t want to be.

5.) Do I feel better when I take the actions suggested by my sponsor?

Sometimes. Most of the time. I mean, I never feel worse. There are just some suggestions that I don’t feel like doing or feel as if I’ll be okay without them.

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