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St. Louis Rock N Roll Marathon

Posted Oct 29 2013 10:12am
Hey everyone! So Yes, I can officially call myself a marathoner! Yesterday, I said it would be my last but that was probably because of the pain I was in and the inability to get off the couch and move my legs were clouding my thought process.

Today, I am thinking I really can’t wait to train and get faster for my next.

Let’s go back to Saturday.  I went to the expo to pick up my packet and while I was excited, I was a ball full or nerves.


The expo was pretty awesome though.


I think I’m in love with Rock N Roll Marathons. They way everything is set up and all of the sponsors… it’s really cool.


I even got to meet Olympic gold Medalist, Frank Shorter who won the gold medal for the marathon in 1972.


After the expo I used my free Chipotle coupon I got in my bag from the Halloween half and took a Burrito Bowl home for my carbed filled lunch.  Chipotle is great but it’s even better when it’s free and the guy puts a ton of guacamole on it for you. Looks gross… tastes amazing.

(P.S. I got another buy one get one free coupon for Chipotle at this expo!.. Who wants to be my friend and go with me?)

Fast forward to Race Morning….

I woke up at 5:30am and realized the Garmin wasn’t charged all the way. (Freak out #1)

I went to the store for blueberry bagels and they were closed (Freak out #2)


I left a little later than planned (Garmin charged by then), stopped at the store again, got my bagel and headed up. (Freak out one and two over.)

I even got a the best advice through a text message that morning from a friend who had finished her first marathon two weeks prior.. it said, “Just another long run, you’ve got this!”

I got to downtown St. Louis a half hour before the start. (I’m used to being well over an hour early to every race.)

I rushed to the bathrooms and then to the start where we met up with some friends.  It was probably a good thing that I got there late because it was less time for me to have race anxiety.

The starting song was… Black Eyed Peas, “Tonight’s gonna be a good night.”  Perfect song to start 26.2 miles.

I started the run feeling really good.  I heard about how hilly the course was but honestly, it was way worse in my head.  Sure there were plenty of hills but it was nothing like the Go St. Louis half marathon, or maybe I was just better trained… who knows.

I felt good pretty much the whole way.  I was really surprised.  I kept telling myself, just another long run, just another long run.

The crowed for the Rock n Roll marathon was awesome! Cheerleaders, funny signs, and everyone in their cardinals gear! (For those who don’t know the Cardinals are in the World Series so Down Town was crazy!)


Miles 20-25 were the longest miles of my life and that was probably because I was moving at a snails pace. I wasn’t worried about it, I just wanted to finished.  I wanted under 5 hours and ended up with a 5:01:02…. Dang it.  But I can officially say that it’s done, over, and I did it!


Next time I’ll be in a much better state of mind during training, I won’t put so much pressure on myself, and things will just go up from here! (except times… those will go down.)


I’d like to thank The Dewey Does Foundation for not only being there at the marathon to cheer me on but providing me with some awesome race gear and my entry… not to mention they are making me an awesome video so I can remember my journey to my first marathon!!!

Be the first to see it by liking The Dewey Does Foundation’s Facebook Page…

Go Go Go!

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