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Spotlight Artist. Jennifer Hayes.

Posted Sep 07 2013 6:00am
To Practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow.  So do it. -Vonnegut

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Remember Artopia ?  Today, I’d like to zoom in on a local St. Louis Artist.  I fell in love with her art the first time I set my two brown eyes on it. It’s on my to do list now to learn how to paint.

Okay so now, this Artist…. Jennifer Hayes  is a local St. Louis artist who’s art has been featured all around St. Louis.

I was lucky enough to get to interview Jennifer and showcase some of her art here on the blog for you all.

Where do you do your work? I work out if my home studio but I also create a lot of pieces live at events.

Do you work from life, or from photographs or from imagination? All three!

What moves you most in life, either to inspire or upset you? I’m trying to convey passion through my work~it is what inspires me.

Where do you feel art is going? The art world is a enigma. I just create and revel what I have within.

What is the role of the artist in society? I think the artist can take on so many roles and really should be a part of every aspect of our lives. My role is uniquely mine… in who I touch, what I do, what matters to me.

What technique do you use? Most of the time I create thickly layered pieces with acrylic paint and a palette knife.

Which is more important to you, the subject of your painting, or the way it is executed? Hard question, they are so intrinsically connected for me. Passionate subject, passionate application. In the end I think it is execution, my technique is the same even when I’m not painting the sensual figure.

Do you prefer a perfect smooth technique or a more energetic expressive technique and why? Anyone who sees my work can answer that! Thick, energetic, expressive strokes is all you’ll see from me!

I draw a little but have never painted.  I’d like to start! What advice would you give a very young inexperienced artist, like me, about painting? I think exploration without worry over the final results is key. Also work as large as you can afford to. You can always paint over a piece. The large surface allows freedom and movement. Keep drawing too. Keep a sketchbook and force yourself to draw daily even if only for a few minutes. Use a variety of drawing tools, markers, crayon, colored pencil, chalk pastel, charcoal. Try using them together in unusual ways. Then apply ideas from your drawings to the canvas.

Be sure to visit and Like Jennifer’s Facebook page

Any artists out there!?

What have you been having for breakfast lately?

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