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sometimes you have to ask for more help

Posted Feb 01 2010 5:22pm

You guys are famous for being stoic. For being able to "white knuckle it" and for being able to survive whatever hardships come your way. 


And frankly, you tend to be so good at all the above, and so used to getting through things all by yourselves that you, well, usually suck at knowing when you ought to ask for more help and then going ahead and asking! And I mean this in the fondest of ways! You guys know I adore you guys!

Our latest example of exactly what i'm talking about is Ann. Ann, you're working so hard, and trying so hard to make it through. And you're doing a great job of staying connected to our little community and reaching out to everyone. AND, remind me why you don't get to see your therapist (T, as you guys calls us therapist-types :) for another few weeks??? I don't get it. Except in rare cases, there should always be a way to get in to see one's therapist. Maybe your therapist has some rare situation that makes it impossible to get in to see her. But I'd be really surprised. I'd guess that maybe (just maybe?) you haven't called her up and said, "dude, can I please come in sooner? It's really important." 

Recently someone asked me if she could come back for an extra appointment. It was hard for her to ask. Really hard. We found another time, she came back, and it worked out really well. She was majorly glad she asked!!!

So, Ann, I may be missing something here. And if I am, forgive me. But if I'm not missing something, then I strongly suggest you both continue to reach out to all of us here AND you call your therapist right away and see when you can get in for the extra support! (yes, you can have both those things...) Keep up the good work :) Hopefully you can tell that everyone here is pulling for you and supporting you.
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