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Something New For Fridays… Let’s call it… Friday Favorites

Posted Aug 23 2013 6:00am
I know what you’re thinking…. “Good Grief Ashley, that’s the most original name I’ve ever heard for a Friday post!”  Yes, I’ll admit my creativeness is a little off and maybe I’ll think of something better later on, but for this Friday, this is what you get.

Let’s go!

I’ve been loving protein bars lately.  I eat them right after my oatmeal, before my runs.  I’m a sweets and chocolate lover so this satisfies me big time.

I love the all natural Nutrilite Chocolate Nut Bars.

bar 004

I’ve also been loving plain greek yogurt with pineapples, and cocoa nuts.  I’ve been eating this after my huge salads at lunch time.


Speaking of huge salads…. My salad yesterday was awesome!  Lettuce, Blue cheese dressing, cut up string cheese, jalapenos, and are you ready…. two eggs.  It was seriously delicious and tasted even better because I relaxed while Scarlet was napping and watched Sex in the City.


Monday: 45 minutes (5.1 miles) on treadmill @ 1 incline

Tuesday: 60 minutes (7 miles) @ 8:30 pace 1 incline

Wednesday: 16 x 400′s at 7:30 pace (two at a 6:00 pace) and 1/2 mile easy

Thursday: 9 Miles on the cross trainer

Friday: 6 mile easy run

Saturday: 15 miles on the schedule

Sunday: easy recovery run on the schedule

Braiden started kindergarten last week and he loves it.  I’m getting used to not seeing him during the day but it took me a little bit.  I just try to spend as much time as I can with him in the evenings on nights I don’t work.

first day of school 009

He’s been spoiled with pancakes for breakfast almost every day.  I really need to whip up some easy muffins and granola bars for him.

Scarlet has been spending the day with me and has been loving the attention.  I think it’s adorable that my children love fashion already.  Braiden HAS to fix his hair every single morning and Scarlet is already picking out her own clothes.


She said she looks like a princess…. I have to agree.

I’m really focused on the kids being happy and healthy. They love helping me cook and juice.


I really plan on giving you guys some lunch recipes for school lunches, quick breakfasts, and some more healthy recipes soon.

In more Living Happy News:  I talked this week about overcoming Jealousy .  It truly has changed my quality of life.

Along with making a page about the Vitamins I take and how it corrects my imbalances.

I’ve also made a page about how you can work from home and make some extra money .

Happy Friday everyone!

Do you have any good names instead of Friday Favorites?

Anything planned for the weekend?

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