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Skills and Strategies - Attitude of Gratitude

Posted Dec 04 2009 3:09am

Skills and Strategies—Attitude of Gratitude

“When eating bamboo sprouts, remember the man who planted them.” Chinese Proverb

I think when stuck in the depths of depression we tend to filter our view and only see the bad things in our lives. Part of the insidious nature of depressive illnesses is that it sucks away your the hope and positivity. Without hope and positivity, recovery is a million times harder. The focus is so much on the negative things in our lives—past trauma, poor self-esteem, eating disorders, self-harm, etc. that we filter out what is good in our lives and in ourselves.

But you, I, indeed everyone can turn this around. A change in attitude. An attitude of gratitude! So, rather than directing our energy and attention to what is wrong in our lives try focusing on what is good and positive. Sometimes it takes time to find something but if you look deep enough I'm sure there will be something good.

I start each day with listing at what I am grateful for in my life: friends, family, anything that puts a smile on my face. It helps bring some positivity into my day. On days that I am particularly down on myself I like to list what I am grateful about me.

My Gratitude list
  1. my handy-woman skills
  2. my ability to cook awesome food
  3. my kindness
  4. my willingness to help others
  5. my childlike nature
  6. my ability to lean new things
  7. my love of learning
  8. my silliness
  9. my strength
  10. my resilience
  11. my will to fight
  12. my dreams
  13. my love of funny things
  14. my ability to see beauty in unlikely places
  15. my optimism about others
  16. my growing ability to love myself and take me as I am
If I am having a "I hate my body" day, I like to think about the things about my body I am grateful for.

I am grateful for
  • my lovely hair
  • my strong legs
  • my feminine figure
  • my multi-coloured nails

So lets bring on an attitude of gratitude and search for the positive that is there in everyone :)
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