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scenes from the weekend {and bananas}

Posted May 21 2012 7:19am
Looking back from where we came from.
At the top...Ben is such a model. 
And moi...being weird. 
The Appalachian Trail heading north.
Pretty waterfalls.
The hike was awesome. About four and a half miles up which made for a nice nine mile round trip. We left around noon and got back down around five! We pretty much rocked it. I had so much fun. It was by far my best day in a while and I was so high on energy that everything was just amazing. The energy came from food of course!  Food is fuel. Something I am finally starting to recognize! 

My snacks for the climb! Let's see, we have: 
Navitas Naturals power snack nuggetsPizza Marinara Journey Bar Chocolate Coconut LaraBar Turkey Perky Jerky Ostrim Ostrich and Beef Jerky Stick Beveri Energy drink powder Amy & Brian's Coconut Water with lime YouBar great date with chocolate (not pictured)
I loved the Journey Bar and the powder snack nuggets! So good and full of awesomeness! I had massive amounts of energy after the nuggets...just ask Ben, I was literally running and bouncing down the trail haha. 
The coconut water was pretty awesome as well. I drank it on the way up and I definitely could feel the good energy it was providing me with :)
I never ended up having the LaraBar but I did try the YouBar with my lunch and that was fabulous! It was one of the popular bars and the ingredients consisted of only dates, whey protein, honey and chocolate! Super yummy!
Anyhoo, after the hike, Ben and I were pretty tired so we headed to his Mom's house and had a nice dinner of pork fried rice made my his Mom. It was super good and I was proud of myself for actually eating it because it was unknown and scary for me. I had no clue what went into it (besides rice and pork!) and no idea the amount of calories it contained, but who cares right!? My body needed it! (We might have also had some shots of vodka but nobody needs to know that.)
Sunday was fun too...we got up semi late (around nine), had breakfast and then Ben headed to the gym while I took a walk/run on the Spring road near the house. It was such a beautiful day and I wore shorts all day. I actually spent the whole day in all of Ben's clothes haha...I didn't plan on it being so hot and only had pants and long sleeves so his over-sized t-shirt and shorts worked fine!
Thumbs up man!
I have been pushing myself to wear shorts more. One, because I am in a desperate need for a legs are as white as my shorts haha...and two, because I need to start loving my legs and showing them off! haha. 
After the gym we got STARBUCKS! And then headed back to my house to clean and eat lunch. I made one of these bad boys! Recipe tomorrow!!
Banana cake for one!
We played some bananagrams (so many bananas!) and I WON like always haha! Eat it. I'm so good at that game. Not to brag or anything. 

Afterwards, Ben went to play basketball with his friends while I worked out (legs baby!!) and had my writing class (ew gross) and that was that! 
A good day indeed <3
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