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Rock Climbing Snickers.

Posted Oct 24 2008 4:03pm
My rock climbing class started today! I was so excited, until I climbed one wall, came back down and passed out. Wonderful. Apparently someone went to grab a person who worked there and when they did someone who was a certified nurses assistant overheard and came to see what happened. Well that someone was the rec therapist from the Center. Ahhh!!! I was soooo mortified. She took one look at me and asked if I had eaten breakfast. Of course this was the day when I hadn't eaten breakfast. She went and bought me a snickers. Then all the patients from the center were there as well doing some day activity and saw me passed out on the floor eating a snickers, they just stared at me the whole time. They knew I was a past patient too because they knew my name, at least one did cause she said, "Ashley, Hi!" I was so bloody mortified. I seriously wanted to dig a hole and hide in it...FOREVER.
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