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Review the blog, my life, work

Posted Dec 12 2009 10:04am
Ah! My writing style has been tainted by years of psychology subjects ;) ...but I like the cookie is supposed to be light-hearted and un-preachy. This last semester I have been writing treatment plans and studying behaviour and behaviour therapy so my mind is still in academic mode. I never intended it to be a textbook/professional guide to recovery... It's just my life.

It has been an amazing two months. I got out of the hospital on the 26th October 2009. While I was inI was eating like all the other patients. The only thing that distinguished me from them was that I had a nurse keep me company and watched extra close for the hour afterwards. I was honestI told them how things were done on the eating disorder ward. I grumbled each morning as I was woken by night staff and told to peeget the pat downand then hop on the scales. I wasn't blind weighed so I watched the weight go up and up... wondering if it would ever stop.

It did... after a few more well needed kilos joined the Keira train. Andas it did (and my nutritional status improved) my mind worked again! I got uni work done in the common area of the ward.  I was given time off the ward to pick up papers and books from the library (my University also has a campus at the hospital). I managed to write and hand in two 2 000+ word essays and sit an exam the first week I was out.  Andas my health improvedI was able to focus more. I passed the semester with a Pass and 2x Credits.  Not my best semester but a pass is a pass and I am happy with it!

Uni is finished has primary schoolsfor the summer holidays. I am working 2 weeks of 3 full days in December. I finished my first week last week and my next is not the Monday coming up but the next one. I CANNOT be eating disordered around her. My charge has all the makings of an eating disorder so I have made it my mission to be body and food healthy around her.  When I'm on afternoon shiftsI always bring some fruit as a snack and offer her some. I talk to her about the traffic light system of eatingRed - special occasions
Orange - occasional treats
Green - every day
(its a system at schools)
There was a kids news article (on ABC Kids) about models being too thin so I had a chat with her about beauty coming in all shapessizesand colours. She comments on my legs and boobs being the main ones.  I explained that this is how I was made and my legs are strong and powerful and awesome!

It is hard at times. It's summer here so we go swimming a lot.  I'm pretty comfortable in my swimmers... we have already had the "why are your legs chubby?" talk. Butit was hard when she keeps asking about my stretch marks. I just tell her that when I got really sick (she is aware that I was unwell and because my body was so sick its going to take time for me to fully recover and that means that I do get tired and a bit grumpy but it isn't her fault) my weight went up and down and that's what the marks are... lots of girls get them.

So yeahthat's me for now... hopefully the APA writing style goes away for the holidays and comes back in March when I'm studying stats III.
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