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Removing Limiting Beliefs about Eating Disorder Recovery Action Exercise

Posted Sep 17 2011 4:31pm

limiting beliefs eating disorder recoveryThe limits of possibility are often broken. And once someone achieves what was previously believed impossible, many others are also able to transcend prior limitations and accomplish the same thing or even something greater.

For example, prior to 1954 athletes considered it impossible to run a mile in 4 minutes. Scientists concurred that it could not be done.

Roger Bannister disagreed, and he completed the first 4-minute mile in May of 1954. Since that time numerous other runners have done the same, and at least 18 people have beaten Bannister’s record and run the mile even faster.

The nature of possibility is determined largely by what we believe can and cannot be done. And often once limiting beliefs are removed from the equation people are capable of amazing feats.

Your first step in manifesting the life you desire – even before deciding what that life will look like – is simply accepting that anything can happen in life, and that you don’t know enough about ―reality to write anything off as impossible.

How to Change Limiting Beliefs:

A belief is a feeling of certainty about what something means. Our beliefs control our behavior, because we act based on out beliefs. They are quite often OLD and can be quite destructive if they are producing negative results in our lives.

Here is a Great Exercise to Change Your Beliefs (and possibly identify ones you didn’t know you had!)

Write down your OLD beliefs that have prevented you from getting full eating disorder recovery

Write down you NEW beliefs that WILL empower you to completely recover from eating disorders

You cannot always simply delete an old, negative belief. It needs to be replaced with new, empowering and positive ones. A great way to do this is through Affirmations.

Use affirmations to repeat your new beliefs over and over again, with emphasis and emotion. The more emotion you infuse into the affirmations, the greater impact it will have in propelling you towards action.

Watch this Video about Removing Limiting Beliefs About Eating Disorder Recovery – Plus a Bonus Action Exercise!

For a step by Step Strategy on how I achieved FULL eating disorder recovery for the last 6 years, get my EBook Recover From Eating Disorders Today!

I guide you through the challenges, the most important mindset shifts and how to get to a place of real freedom from all the obsessive thoughts, actions and a life that is less than your full potential.

Love and freedom,


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