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Relaxing my grip

Posted Oct 22 2011 10:46am

By no means am I implying we are monkeys, however, we can act as monkeys when we are afraid of letting go.

When we focus primarily on knowing about Recovery from an ED, we add to our "to do" list. And add anxiety and pressure to complete another task. Yet, as we concentrate on enjoying Recovery-accepting the support of others, focusing on the strength our body and mind gains when not engaging in eating disordered behaviors, and developing hope that recovery IS possible, we begin to relax some (ironically we learn more about Recovery when we do so). 

When I listen to my inner voice, the voice when I am being Me, I admit that it is sometimes overshadowed by fear and anxiety.  I am concerned and anxious that I may not have enough and need to hold on tightly just in case. Enough of what? Support, Love, Ideas, Strength, etc. However, when I am still with Me (my inner voice of truth and recovery), I am reminded to relax and not hold on so tightly to anxiety and fear by loosening my grip. I am reminded of reaching towards the  hope and truth that there is enough and I am enough.

It is ED, Fear and Anxiety,that remind the world to hold on to it all, as you may not have enough now, or in the future. In the meantime, you are staying stuck. You are holding on to the known and not able to move away from what you are currently experiencing. By letting go of ED behaviors you can begin to embark on Being the YOU, you have been created to BE. Focus on hearing YOU and Being YOU, keep ED in the jar and free yourself from it. 

All material is copyright of Jennifer Beasley/Be Me unless otherwise stated.
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