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Relationships replace eating disorders. Period. The end.

Posted Nov 27 2012 8:19am

“Relationships replace eating disorders.” Period. The end. This is my life’s work. This is who I am. This is how I live—and stay alive. -Quote from Beating Ana

While it is always tempting (primarily because of Ed’s influence) to assume that we can recover without ever having to ask a single other human being for help or support, the simple fact is that this is not possible.

As long as we remain too scared, unwilling, or ignorant of the need for supportive relationships with other people, we will continue to turn to Ed to get these needs met.

Ed, as you might have already noticed, is not very good at meeting these needs.

This is because Ed is selfish, self-centered and out for what he can get at all times. Ed will kill us to gather up the last dribs and drabs of the attention he craves.

We cannot allow Ed to do this.

We stay alive because we are needed – because we have support to give others, and because others need to give their support to us. While Ed tries to tell us that needing support from others makes us weak, this is a lie. Needing support from others makes us STRONG because it frees us from needing Ed!

The moment we become willing to allow even one other person to meet our needs in ways Ed used to do, we start to break free from Ed for good.

What can you do – starting now, today – to allow others to support you, and to support them in turn – so that neither of you need Ed anymore – EVER?



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