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Recipe Fail and Chocolate Frogs.

Posted Jun 11 2013 11:24am
Hiya! It’s Tuesday. Just telling you that in case you didn’t know.  For the past couple days I’ve been stuck with no car. My wonderful fazja (father… I don’t know what’s with the weird words today but lets just go with it. K? K.)  is fixing it for me today.  Fingers crossed I can get it licensed tomorrow.  Dang check engine light. 

Anywho… I believe this being stuck in the house has made me a little nutzo and I went from being mad at everything to just completely giddy-bonkers.  Scarlet and I went for a nice good and hot walk yesterday while Braiden was at Summer school. I soothed her little red cheeks by stopping at the gas station and treating her to a slushy.  The pictures say everything….

Later, when we got home I realized the house was clean, laundry was done, kids were doing something that didn’t involve hitting or fighting, and I had read every blog I follow and even found some new ones to save to my favorites.  So… What do I do…What. Do. I. Do.  I walked into the kitchen and these were staring at me….

Ugly Bananas.  Ugly bananas mean I need to try and bake with them before they get TOO ugly. So that was my mission for the day.

I didn’t have many ingredients to chose from so I ended up with oatmeal, banana, an egg, orange juice, whole wheat flour, baking soda, baking powder, salt, nutmeg, and cinnamon.  I took beautiful pictures…

I baked them…

I handled with care…

I made a little concoction called banana breakfast cookies.  Now… When I first tried them with some jelly on top, they were good. but the more I ate the more I thought….ew.  They needed some type of sugar.  The recipe was a fail but at least I’m on to something and it kept me busy for an hour.

I must now show you the coolest thing that has ever come into my house.  Josh and I (and soon Braiden and Scarlet) are HUGE Harry Potter fans.  Oh yes, Huge.  I will have a Harry Potter themed party one day… even if there are only 4 people in attendance and two of those are little people forced into loving the wizarding world.

A friend of Josh’s from work went on vacation to Florida, Disney World, The Harry Potter experience, one of the most awesome places in the country probably. For his Birthday she brought him back some treats from Diagon Ally.

Pumpkin Juice.

and a Chocolate Frog complete with wizard card. (Excuse Braiden’s dirty nails.)

We got Helga Hufflepuff.

Seriously, awesome stuff. 

That baby is gone.

Scarlet says, MMM Dis sure is good Pukin Juice.

I can not wait for our trip the Diagon Alley one day.  So many adventures to come. 

Question: Are you a Harry Potter Fan?

What do you do when you’re stuck at home?

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