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Ratatouille and Zombies

Posted Jan 03 2013 12:29pm
Hello everyone!  I hope you are all avoiding getting sick this cold season.  I’m ALMOST better.  Besides one nostril and a little soreness in my throat, I’m good to go.  I didn’t get out of my pajamas yesterday let myself have a day off from running yesterday.  I spent the day home with the kids cleaning a tiny bit and playing.  I made a quick “ Fried Rice Quinoa ” for dinner before Josh left for Choir.

Scarlet was running around like a mad women taking off her diaper and shooting Braiden’s Nerf gun at the tv.  She would say, “I did it! Lo hicimos!”  Oh Dora… You really do teach my daughter a lot.

After I got them Calmed down we sat on the couch and watched Ratatouille for probably the 50th time.  I didn’t mind.  It’s one of my favorites.


There is just something about this movie that inspires me to follow the dream of owning a restaurant.  Josh and I talk about it a lot.

When the movie was almost over and bed time was near, Braiden looked at me and in a sweet, kind, little Braiden voice said, “Mom, I really really wish you would teach me how to cook.”  My heart just melted.  I told him I would love to teach him how to cook and we would start the next day.  I asked what he wanted to make first and he said, “Hmm, grilled cheese. You know Mom, I love me some grilled cheese.”

Looks like I found the head chef for my future restaurant!


I also made Josh some Chocolate Coconut Protein Bars last night. They turned out really good. Recipe to come soon.

I found out this morning that the company I use to host my blog is powered 100% by wind energy.  Pretty cool if you ask me.

I didn’t get up this AM to run so the running will have to come this evening.  I wasn’t being lazy.  We watched another episode of the Walking Dead last night and I was a little bit afraid this morning.  It’s still dark out at 4:30 ya know!

Check out what I found on Pinterest…

walking dead

I’m not really sure how long I’ll go today.  It’s bright and sunny right now and I want to run so bad!  Think the kids will notice if i sneak out for an hour? I guess I can wait..

:/ <— That is my “I’m kinda sad but oh well” face.

P.S. We are watching Ratatouille again right now.

Question: Does anyone else watch The Walking Dead?  What T.V. shows are you hooked on?


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