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Preventable death

Posted Dec 08 2010 6:12pm
Another preventable death.

Another family given the right information but not able to follow it through or even believe it because professionals in charge didn't know what they didn't know and there was nothing in place to tell them.

Another life lost, and a family stricken, and those who tried to help.... ravaged.

I am asking, today, whether eating disorders kill. I no longer think so. It is us. It is lack of action and anger. It is pride and professional courtesy. It is faceless invisibility of those who escape the fire but don't go back to pull others out. It is expediency and cost effectiveness and priorities. It is the self-protectiveness of exhaustion and the self-satisfaction of good fortune. It is boundaries, and insecurity, and lack of vision. It is feeling like a cog in a machine instead of the one link that can refuse to connect. It is helplessness and ambition and process.

It's not anorexia or bulimia. We do know enough about THOSE. If we chose to we could treat THEM.

For those who tried: you have nothing to answer for. The rest of us do, and will.
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