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People are individuals: eating disorders, not so much

Posted Jun 03 2012 10:05am
I was commenting on Carrie's blog yesterday and had a bit of a foot-stomping moment.

"Eating disorders are not individual to each patient: each patient is an individual. Let's not confuse that. All diseases and disorders present differently person to person but the whole power of a diagnosis is using the data we have about that phenomenon to help guide how we help the patient.

We don't treat diabetes as if each patient needs a unique diagnosis and treatment plan. We don't throw up our hands and say we can't make decisions about treatment of cancer because each case is different.

I'm sorry, but I'm tired of the assertion that nothing can be known with these disorders. It's a refuge for poor treatment and hopelessness."

No one is trying to pigeon hole or depersonalize people or their treatment. We're hoping to use data to HELP inform decision-making for VERY SERIOUS CONDITIONS. Starting with the data doesn't limit us to the data it just starts us at a common point of reference. Then, we individualize and adjust as needed.

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