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peace out, ‘o9.

Posted Dec 31 2009 6:02pm

Another year has come to an end, my friends. As of tonight, 2009 closes its doors and we head into the.. “tens?” Sure, why not. We’ll see if that sticks.

My friend and I were talking the other night about how 2009 was kind of a dud. There were not so many amazing memories; nothing HUGE really happened for us as individuals. Typically at the close of a year, I’d list my memories as one for each letter of the alphabet. However, I don’t really know that there were even 26 worth mentioning, so a quick list will do.

In 2oo9, I…

  1. rang in the new year with some good old friends in Woburn.
  2. continued working for [the store], after being hired only for 2008 Seasonal.. also quit and went back.. still there..
  3. interned for the Multi-service Eating Disorder Association (MEDA).
  4. watched Obama get sworn into office. Holla.
  5. taught an after-school knitting class at a local elementary school.
  6. celebrated Frozen.Oranges’ 2nd birthday (and managed to lose the whole site).
  7. saw No Doubt and Say Anything in concert.
  8. watched an old high school friend get married.
  9. met up with both of my best friends from college who now live between 700 and 3,000 mi away.
  10. saw Rent with Anthony Rapp & Adam Pascal with my original “Renthead”-in-crime (if you will). Oh, and met them both.
  11. met Byron Katie.
  12. completed my certificate in Graphic Design @ CDIA.
  13. spent a lot of time picking people up from Logan Airport.. but none actually flying out of it. (Note for one of my 2010 goals..)
  14. attended approximately 10 family dinners (there’s usually 1 per month).
  15. attended my first ever “Super Fun Mystery Adventure Day,” down on the cape.
  16. attended my 5-Year-Reunion.. and had way more fun than I’d expected to.
  17. attended one of the best birthday parties ever. (We were on a BOAT.)
  18. placed 6th in my brother’s “Type 1 Tourney.”
  19. was asked to be a bridesmaid for the first time.
  20. spent a LOT of time at the Improv Asylum.

Oh, and to top it off, there’s a SLIGHT possibility that I totaled my car. When did that happen, you ask? Oh, that would be today. December 31, 2oo9. Happy New year. Appraisal to come..

I probably forgot a few things, but yanno.. it’s hard to remember 365 days at a time.

Hope you all had a wonderful & memorable year. Even if the events weren’t big, all the little good things add up. So here is starting fresh, starting strong, and having a very happy, healthy New Year! Bring on 2010.

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