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Parents won't or parents can't?

Posted Dec 07 2010 7:13am
Here's a sad truth: not all parents WANT to be in charge of re-feeding or monitoring eating disorder behavior at home. For some families it is a relief to be told that the solution is to send them away to fix their problems and they look forward to the child coming home well and grateful.

At least that's what I hear from a number of clinicians who have encountered this phenomenon.

I always wonder whether parents really understand their options. If they knew how long and difficult recovery is, that a few weeks or months is only the start of the process, and that the hard work will be theirs at home later anyway, they might make different choices. I think if parents were told on no uncertain terms just how hard this is going to be NO MATTER WHAT THEY CHOOSE, and just what will be necessary to best address it parents would frame the question differently.

If parents had the opportunity to get back-up and immediate hospitalization at will during the re-feeding process I think far more would be able and willing to take the responsibility. If parents had truly supportive and skilled clinicians who believed in full weight restoration and cessation of eating disorder behaviors as a restorative step to allow recovery, and truly believed in the power of parents to take this part on, I don't think I'd be hearing so much of this annoyance at parents who "refuse" or "are in denial" or "don't want to" do the work.

If this was the way it was framed: "save this child's life" I really don't know that many parents would say "no, I don't want to try, you do it." Families choose between two terrifying prospects: being on their own at home with angry, frightened, frighteningly sick kids, or sending them to care that they are led to believe will solve the issues causing this problem. That's not abdicating responsibility or denial or the easy way out. That's raw, cruel fear and love. That's mothers and fathers faced with the Judgment of Solomon , not a lack of caring.
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