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Over Eating Disorder – Letting Go of the Shame of Over Eating

Posted Nov 20 2011 10:20am

Do you suffer with an over eating disorder? Do you feel ashamed about it, find yourself being secretive, hiding food, staying away from friends and people close to you so that you can over eat alone without anyone finding out?

I totally get it. I was in that place for many years.

I hid my over eating disorder from my Fiance, my best friends and family. I felt disgusting, ashamed and completely alone.

But I want to share this with you on this Sunday – there is hope! You can be rid of that awful and secretive over eating disorder and live your life with freedom.

I created this video with you in mind – who are suffering in silence and killing your self esteem, confidence and unable to enjoy a beautiful Sunday because you are plagued by this incessant drive to over eat – alone, full of shame and fear.

I also want to give you HOPE – that you can recover, you can be completely free of the mental obsession that is so relentless.

That was the whole purpose behind my EBook – Recover From Eating Disorders – my own personal mission to help as many people to achieve complete freedom and recovery and never have to suffer again.

You CAN have this and:

  • Wake up with NO thoughts of food
  • Eat whatever you like without the shame or guilt
  • Spend time doing things you actually enjoy
  • Never worry about going on another diet again and stay at a normal, healthy weight

I did it and so can you!

Get your Recover From Eating Disorders Action plan and set yourself free of the shame of over eating and get on with the life that you deserve to live!

P.S The limited offer price on the E book runs out in 10 days – so grab your copy today .

P.P.S Remember, that it is probably a quarter of the price that you would spend on a binge! This program has transformed lives, here is just one testimonial:

Hi Nina,

Thank you for giving me hope that I can fully recover. I love your
website and ebook that is amazing. I haven’t binged and purged for a
month now and feel like a normal eater. What helped me the most was my
belief that I can fully completely recover… thanks to you, Nina : )

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