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Ok its the weekend and it is a ...

Posted Jan 22 2009 6:37pm
Ok its the weekend and it is a three day weekend. Will this be the weekend I will get my act together, concerning my food issues. I have no excuse when I think about it. Its going to be very cold and its going to be snowing too. Planning my meals will be fairly simple. I will plan each meal for tomorrow tonight by writing down what I will be eating. I will not set foot in the coffee shops or candy shops because I want to keep the sugar out of my body these next three days. When cravings hit me, I will write down whether this is physical or mental. Am I really hungry or am I stressed out by something that has happend. Am I trying to numb out some feelings that I want to avoid? Is there something more healthy to eat at this time? Or is there something I could do to keep busy and help me to forget this binge I am about to indulge in? Is it worth the feelings thatA will be felt, after I eat this sugary food.
Today, I was speaking to a friend who is also battling an addiction( not food). We were speaking of why we each feel why we have the addiction. There were many reasons why, and most of our individual reasons were very similar. In speaking to this friend, it seems that we use our addiction;
  • When we are stressed
  • When we want to numb our feelings
  • When we want to relax
  • When we are out with friends socially
  • When we are feeling lonely or confused
  • When we are worried
  • When we are angry
  • When we want to feel part of a group using our addiction vice

I have spoken about this many times. What can we do to replace the cookies or soda? Can we find something else to drinkor eat, which is just as cool and tasteful. " What about a drink of ice tea or a piece of fruit? "But I want it now"! If we could past that thought and start to think a bit more rationally instead of acting like a crazed person, with the goal of harming ourselves, with the substance, we use to supposedly soothe ourselves, then there is hope, that an alternate plan could be put in place.

This weekend I will be more aware of what is triggering me to want it now. In writing down these thought triggers of wanting it now, will help me to see a pattern of what is entailed. I don't think I have to do this alone. I can ask my higher power, who for me is God. I can ask my angels to guide me and to remind me to stay on track over the next three days. When the three days are over, I'll post an article as to how I did with this thinking. I wish you luck in your own personal struggles with food and pray that you are able to be true and to feel the peace you so justly deserve.... Please feel free to share your struggles and share how you are helping yourselves.

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