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Numb and Numb-er

Posted Aug 24 2009 12:00am

Thank you for your reassuring comments about my trip to the dentist…definitely put my mind at ease for the weekend. Possible a little too much since I ended up sleeping for 14 hours on Saturday night! I seem to be in a pattern of running on 4-5 hours of sleep, then making up for it every 10 days or so. It’s all good. As long as it happens on a weekend!

However, my Monday kicked off with this…


Actually, it kicked off with a mug of coffee and bowl of protein oatmeal but I think you guys probably can imagine what those looked like.

Nonetheless, I can think of more pleasant things to be doing at 8:30am on a Monday morning than having holes drilled in my mouth. It really wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be- they gave me some numbing thing to suck on, then a spray, then a baby injection followed by a bigger injection. Result? I didn’t feel a THING. The only uncomfortable part was having my mouth propped open for so long (TWSS) and the drilling made me feel like my skull was vibrating. Strange, but not painful. My dentist was awesome and talked me through the whole thing which I really appreciated- for someone whose idea of ‘living with uncertainty’ is having their iPod on ‘shuffle’, knowing exactly what was going on definitely made the whole thing easier

I am home now and waiting impatiently for the anaesthetic to wear off so I can eat something. I tried to drink some juice on the way home and ended up with it squirting out my mouth all over me. Lovely. I am now a walking wasp magnet which FAR overrides any embarrassment I may have felt about the juice all over my face and clothes.

So, I’ll relive some of my food over the past few days to kill time until I can eat something. Go figure- for about 3 weeks, my appetite has been non-existant, and now that I can’t eat without dropping food all over my face, I am suddenly starving. Not cool, body!

Everyone seems to be eating Indian food lately and it made me crave a little spice action over here. I tried the Amy’s samosa wrap…

Picture or Video 447

I thought that all the Amy’s wraps would use the same kind of tortilla, but this one was MUCH thinner/flimsier. It tasted great though- Amy’s can do no wrong in my eyes. (UK people- Amy’s soups are now on the shelves in Waitrose again!). Perfect level of spice (ie, NONE!). I used to love spicy food but have completely lost my tolerance. I’m such a wuss these days.

Those of you who have been reading for a while will know that I eat a lot of yogurt, but very rarely eat flavored ones. I can’t resist cheap deals though and when I saw toffee yogurts on offer, picked some up.  It was a gentle reminder of why I like plain/natural yogurt! Artificial, watery… I’ll eat the ones I have, but won’t be buying them again.

Picture or Video 467

Crumbling in a chunk of a PB pretzel MOJO bar helped ;)

I think part of the reason I don’t like stuff like flavored yogurts, etc is because to me, texture is SUCH an important part of food enjoyment. If I want peanut butter or chocolate or toffee, I’d say it’s pretty evenly split between wanting the taste and wanting the texture. I’m really not that into “taste-a-likes”. So no more toffee yogurts. Unless it’s plain yogurt with chunks of toffee in it.

Another new meal…

Picture or Video 474

Moroccan salmon salad. This was REALLY good! Salmon, bulgur wheat, chick peas, carrots and dried apricots in a delicious sauce (not homemade). Perfect summer meal to contrast with the autumnal weather we are having here! I need to try more salmon dishes- I can’t remember the last time I ate it, but it was a nice change from tuna.

Question: when it comes to picking foods, what’s more important to you- flavour or texture? Most of the foods I eat are picked on texture first. I put that at a higher priority than taste.

I am missing blogging daily a lot- kind of torn right now about what to do. On one hand, I don’t want to be writing negative whines every day, but on the other hand, I don’t want to be writing things that I’m not fully believing 100%. The ongoing “fake it till ya make it” V “being true to you” debate…

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