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Posted Jan 22 2009 6:37pm
What is nourishment to you ? Is nourishment a bowl of soup and some bread? Or is nourishment an ice cream sunday with three different flavors of ice cream and three different syrups, whipped cream and a cherry on top? If I ask myself this question with the choices presented above, it would depend on my mood and how I was feeling at a particular time. Also whether or not I was mindful of my food plan too. If I was mindful of my food plan I would definately eat the soup, and feel satisfied. If I wasn't being mindful I would have the sundae and enjoy it for the 5 minutes it took me to eat the sundae and then the guilt and self loathing and self abuse would take over....... Is that really nourishment??? I don't think so....
A few weeks ago I was meditating. about the issues I have around food. I was also trying to come to grips about this two year relapse, and why my recovery hasn't lasted more than a few days or a few weeks... As I was meditating about this, I heard the word nourishment. Then I heard "Let us nourish you". I thought about this and I am not enjoying the food thatI feel at time will nourish me... Its not happening.. I then thought of "let us noursh you" ....... I felt that this was message from the angels and asking me to let them guide me to nourshment and to also surrender to my higher power in seeking this nourshment. No matter how much food I may eat, I will never have enough to nourish me... I need a new focus on this fact. I have said this many times in this blog, I need to focus on other ways to find the nourishment. Maybe asking for my angels and my higher power for guidance, maybe deal with it with a creative edge. Changing the focus of the habits i have gained once again, needs to be challenged I feel.... A few days ago, I found a statement that someone who was also dealing with food addiction. It goes like this:

If your think your life will be miserable without chocolate, flour or fast food ask yourself this:
How miserable does this food make me now? Is it preventing me from looking good, having energy and feeling confident? "Deprivation is not living without certain foods but living with with them and being deprived of your true health and happiness." Trigger foods may make you happy temporarily, but if they make you sad in the long term, it doesn't make sense to keep them in your life.
The above statement makes so much sense to me and it reflects my feelings of nourishment for our bodies and nourishment for our souls......The holidays are here in full force of all kinds of sugar food and flour food.. Everywhere we go it is staring us in the face... This is of course tradition based and there is alot of emotional strings tied to all of this..... Some of us can have just one ( I can't) and some can just turn away from the tempting concoctions... Try to be mindful of what you are capable of.... Try to be good to yourself, andA be mindful of others in this holiday season// You deserve the very best and you deserve to feel good about who and what you are.. I wish you all a wonderful holiday season and a very happy 2009.
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