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Normal Eating and Creating Mindset Shifts for Full Eating Disorder Recovery

Posted Sep 27 2011 11:24am

normal eating and eating disorder recoveryIt is Q+A Tuesday and today we have a great question regarding eating normally and gaining weight. Now this is certainly a concern that anyone with an eating disorder has – it is probably the major fear when it comes to embarking on “normal eating” and letting go of the eating disorder behaviors.

The question comes from our reader Alessandra who is still underweight, binge eating and purging and terrified on normal eating due to the fear of weight gain.

Alessandra also realizes that it is ruining her life but does not know how to “switch her brain” to achieve recovery and let go of the skinny-thinking and fear of weight gain.

Sound familiar anyone?

Normal Eating and Eating Disorder Recovery – Can it Work?

This is what I struggled with for over a decade. Sure the idea of normal eating sounded great, but what about the weight gain? What about the loss of control? Will I spiral out of control and just keep gaining weight and be even more depressed and miserable?

These are all valid questions and I am here to tell you that they are all part of the eating disorder.

It is the eating disorder that wants you to believe these things. That this is what will happen to you. That you will spiral out of control, gain a lot of weight and be completely miserable.

That is how the eating disorder operates and prevents us from eating normally, listening to our bodies and being free of the obsession.

Listen, I am very blunt in this response and my video. There are two options – that took me forever to figure out and to learn to trust which one would give me the complete freedom and recovery that I experience today.

Option one is that you stay stuck in the eating disorder, fearing weigh gain and remaining tight control on what is a losing battle and keeping you depressed, miserable and full of fear.

Option two is that you make a decision to recover and follow a path of recovery that works – no matter what, and trust that this does NOT mean weight gain, spiraling out of control and being filled with even more pain and misery.

If I was not recovered, if I was gaining waiting and spiraling into binge eating, miserable, I would not be here on the other side of recovery sharing this information with you.

There does need to be a mindset shift and it is possible to have full recovery, eat normally and have full and complete freedom.

Watch this video for more information on creating your ideal recovery and my answers to Today’s Q+A Question. What you will learn is how to:

  • Create your ideal recovery
  • Implement massive impact mindset shifts
  • achieve the life and recovery that you deserve
  • How to eliminate the obsession completely and live with total freedom

These are all strategies that I discuss in depth in my EBook, Recover From Eating Disorders and that have given me 6 years of a life beyond my wildest dreams and FULL recovery.

There is also an action step that you can take immediately – I would love to hear your experience with this and please  leave comments and feedback!

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