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New Years Resolution: Diet, Diet, Diet

Posted Dec 30 2010 9:26pm

Tis the season for useless resolutions. Oh, the despair I feel when yet another perfectly beautiful friend or family member tells of their New Year’s resolution – diet, diet, diet (particularly since none of them even need to lose weight).

What is our problem?

Since my post about the new Weight Watchers points plus scam garnered much attention, let’s stay on that topic since many of you are probably gearing up to join the cult on Jan 1.  Feedback was received and heard, I left out a key point what else are we supposed to do?

1) Find a nutritionist

Does it not make total sense to pay a trained professional (rather than a WW Cheerleader) to evaluate you and your specific body type, health history, and goals to come up with a customized plan for your health? This seems logical to me, yet I never hear of anyone doing this. Why is that? nutritionist

2) Consider a trainer

I have always loved the gym, but some of you are probably groaning at the thought. Listen, movement must accompany good health. You don’t have to be all gung ho and exhaust yourself, end up with a pulled muscle, and quit after a month. Instead, ease into it with a professional trainer skilled to work with you and evaluate your specific body type, health issues, and stated goals.

Plus, I would hope a trainer would knock some reality into most women’s heads that there is no way to come out looking like their favorite hollywood star unless knives and needles are involved.

3) Meditation + Yoga = Heaven crazy yoga move

4) Self acceptance

You could just ditch all of the above, along with your diet plan, and make your New Year’s resolution “self -acceptance.” Now that is a novel idea huh?

How about it? Can we try to look ourselves in the mirror and learn to appreciate our health, our uniqueness, our beauty without dragging along all the negative baggage we carry each day? I think it is worth a try girls, don’t you?

Which ever route you choose, I hope you land in your place of happiness, trust me, its out there waiting for you.

Happy New Year!



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