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New planets

Posted Jul 20 2010 4:36pm
Ok, first of all, there's no off topic on our friendly little blog. I mean, hey, if I can write about llamas and kangaroos... Anything that's interesting and helpful for you guys is great as far as I'm concerned- well, you know, within those usual boundaries of no one hurting themselves or someone else and no one being mean to themselves or someone else...that kind of thing. The whole point of this blog is for you guys to have a place to ask about and talk about what's meaningful to you. Ok, now on to our topic, arriving on a new planet. New planets, new countries, new schools, new towns...any new environment we enter has it's own unique characteristics, climate, air temperature, culture...language (formal language as well as informal language unique to the area). SuperEgg, you're talking about a whole new planet, and that's a bigger change than, say, relocating to the next town over in your same county. Of course things would seem new- and baffling too! Everything from what the creatures on the new planet eat to what they wear to how they talk to what they consider important can be different from how life was on your planet. It sounds like you like this new planet a lot, and it sounds like the move was the right thing to have done. I'm glad for you. It's a fabulous thing to finally arrive on the correct planet for ourselves! There are two crucial things for you keep in mind and try to get yourself to do: have patience and ask questions. No one on your new planet expects you to know every single custom- you get lots and lots of time to check out the culture and figure out what you want to do and how you want to maneuver in this world. AND, no one expects you to figure out how the planet works on your own. You get to ask as many questions as you want to (and- and this is super cool- you get to ask each question as many times as you want to, in as many different ways as you want to!!). And another thing- even people who have lived on this new planet for their whole lives don't know every single thing about it! There are always new things to learn, new places to discover, new things to explore. So don't get all perfectionistic about it and think that somehow there's a right and not-right way to live on hour planet. Try to just think of it as a way cool adventure. Seriously, because that's what it is. And finally, after what sounds like a very long time, you have gotten yourself to this awesome new world- so, go ahead, enjoy it...let yourself relax a little and explore the planet. It's like an amusement park (or, for me, a shoe store!): half the fun is running all over the place just seeing what's there!!
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