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New Header, Fall Races

Posted Aug 22 2013 6:00am
So let’s play how many times can Ashley change her header before she likes it…. Answer… The world may never know.  So far, this is the one I’ve come up with that I like the best.  I like that I can change the pictures whenever I want.

I’ve always liked headers that have pictures so the plain one didn’t really fit me.  Anywho.

This morning I was thinking about my breakfast… Not over thinking of course because I had the same o’l oatmeal with blueberries and for my protein I had a delicious Nutrilite Chocoalte Nut Energy Bar .


bar 004

It got me thinking…. I remember when I used to skip breakfast.  I remember when I used to be so scared that I would use up my allotted calorie number I had set for myself.  I worried that if I ate x amount of calories so early, I’d be starving at 5pm and I wouldn’t be “allowed” to eat anymore.  Oh how times have changed… along with my mood.  I can’t believe how happy I am because I eat a good breakfast.  I’m ready to workout, ready to run, ready for the day.  I don’t worry about the rest of the day, about what I’ll eat, if I’ll be hungry, if there will be enough calories left in my mind to make me feel okay.

Breakfast has been my biggest meal the past couple weeks.  I eat a huge bowl of oatmeal and an energy bar or eggs.  Back in the day I couldn’t image eating both at once.  Heck, I couldn’t imagine eating a whole serving of oatmeal by itself!

being happy doesn't mean everything is perfect. it means you've decided to see beyond the perfections

After I was all fueled up, I did some work on the good ol blog and headed to the gym.

Training run: I was ready to hit the treadmill yesterday!  On the schedule was 16 x 400 with a minute rest in between.  I did them all at a 1 incline @ 7:30 pace for the first 14. the 15th one I went at a 6:18 pace and the 16th, I went at a 6:00 pace!  Gettin’ Speedy!  I felt so great. 

My runs have been so much fun lately.  Between staying positive and just being proud of myself, along with working hard and fueling properly… I’ve been loving every single minute of it.  Life is so good.


Lunch.  A big salad with blue cheese dressing, sun dried tomato turkey, cucumbers, and jalapenos. Along with a side of Sun Chips. Of course I had to have a little somethin’ somethin’ sweet after.  Plain Greek Yogurt with pineapples and juice, grapes, and cocoa almonds.  (I can’t get enough of those things! The family has almost gone through a whole bag this week.)

Can I tell you how excited I am for fall!  Well, I’m going to.  I LOVE FALL.  Bone fires, marshmallows, cute sweaters and jeans, boots, Halloween, and not to mention RACE SEASON!!!

Up coming races include….

September 7th… Twin City Days 10k

September 29th… Baja Half Marathon

October 13th… Go St. Louis Halloween Half Marathon (You better believe Josh and I are dressing up as a couple!)

October 27th… St. Louis Rock N Roll FULL MARATHON!!!

There may be a couple other 5k’s thrown in there if we can fit them in but I am so excited for all of these!  I love fall. Love Love Love it.

And you know what?  All seasons are great now a days. I can now look forward to every single one of them since, for the first time, I am not worried about losing weight.  I would always say… “Oh, I’m going to love fall because I’m going to lose Xlbs by then,” “I’m going to ‘look great’ at Christmas get togethers,” “I’m going to look great in my bikini this summer once I lose Xlbs.”… Then as the season gets closer I panic, I get miserable, and I get depressed.  So glad those days are over with.

So bring on the races! Because I look great and am going to have fun no matter what my weight is!

I’m also loving summer right now! It was crazy with the move but the kids are loving the new house.  Swimming, bike riding, picking flowers and watering the garden… The kids are loving life as well.

20130821_154324 20130821_155859

Dinner:  After I snacked on some strawberries and peanut butter along with more cocoa almonds, I made chips by baking a flat out with oil, salt, and some weber seasoning. I have a habit of snacking while I’m cooking.


I served them with chicken, black beans, onion, bell pepper, cumin, hot sauce, and weber seasoning kickin chickin.  Along side with salsa, Greek yogurt, and jalapenos… of course.


Tell me!! 

What races are you guys planning on doing?

What is your favorite season and why?

Do you snack when you cook?

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