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Nerds and Not Being Prepared

Posted Mar 24 2013 9:41am
So, I know yesterday I said I wouldn’t be jealous of anyone but last night jealousy struck me.  On Facebook I saw all of these pictures from St. Louis Comic Con floating around in my new feeds.  I wanted to go so bad! I even tried to win tickets 3 times from 105.7 The Point.  I was unsuccessful.  Yes, I am a nerd and I will not apologize for it. ;) Nerds are awesome. They had a great line up in St. Louis including Lorri Holden from The Walking Dead, Tom Felton (Malfoy), Henry Winkler, Lou Ferigno, Randy Orton, and Stan Lee.  Josh and I looked it up and we think we might go to Chicago Comic Con in August.  They have a pretty good line up as well including… (Click on the pictures for the Comic Con ticket Site)

Norman Reedus. Him being there alone is worth the whole trip! He is my favorite character on The Walking Dead.

Norman Reedus VIP Experience @ Chicago Comic Con 2013

Will Wheaton- I watched “Stand By Me” all the time growing up.  AND he’s on The Big Bang Theory now.

Wil Wheaton VIP Experience @ Chicago Comic Con 2013

Morena Baccarin- To be honest, I have never seen anything she’s in.

Morena Baccarin VIP Experience @ Chicago Comic Con 2013

James Marsters- I used to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer but that was a LONG time ago.

James Marsters VIP Experience @ Chicago Comic Con 2013

Stan Lee- Creator of Spider Man

Stan Lee VIP Experience @ Chicago Comic Con 2013

Jason David Frank- Green Ranger from “The Power Rangers.”

Jason David Frank Meet & Greet @ Chicago Comic Con 2013

Okay so honestly, St. Louis to me had a way better line up. (except for Norman.) I’m a little disappointed that no one from Harry Potter will be in Chicago. BUTTT If you look closer details on the site you’ll see that LINDA BLARE will be there along with Lou Ferrigno, Michael Roocker (Walking Dead), Steve Guttenberg, and a lot of talented comic book artists and directors.

Anyone have any ideas on what we should dress up as if we go?

I will admit freely that I am a nerd and I’m glad I found my Soul-Nerd to be my other half.  He may get mad at me for showing you this but I snapped this picture of him last night while playing Mine Craft, before he realized my phone was out… HA! My baby is a nerd.  I love him. I told him he should embrace it.


Yesterday morning it was so cold outside.  Scarlet wanted to go for a run and my heart broke telling her no.


Yesterday was a home kind of day.  Josh went out for his run at noon and got back around 3:30.  Then it was my turn.  Sometimes I really don’t understand why I do the things I do.  I didn’t eat any carbs that morning.  I had eggs for breakfast and then this buffalo salad for lunch.


 I used to make these when I worked at Bandanas.  Simple salad with ranch dressing (I used yogurt ranch) and then some shredded chicken in buffalo sauce.  I was kind of on buffalo overkill from the last couple days so I ended up taking a couple bites and that was it.

While Josh was gone Braiden and I practiced our self-portraits.  I will get better at this I promise.  I may have watched YouTube videos for an embarrassing amount of time to get tips on how to look better in photos.  I’m getting better but still needs practice and work.  In the blogging business mastering the self-portrait is essential you know.


Back to the running.  I had almost 0 carbs in me AND I didn’t bring water.  I also over dressed (it was 52 degrees by the time I ran.)  So all of these excuses and lack of preparation made my 10 mile run turn into a 5 mile run.  I felt dizzy and light-headed.  As soon as I got home I downed 2 bottles of water and ate a slice of pineapple.


 I was disappointed in myself.  I should know better than to not fuel properly and hydrate properly but I simply didn’t do it.  Come on, Ashley.  No more of this.  Time to get serious about the proper nutrition.

We have had chicken for dinner every day for the past month.  We needed a break. I headed to the store with Scarlet. I don’t know why I take her.  She’s the child you see that won’t sit down, runs away from her mother, throws things into the cart, then out of the cart, and refuses for me to hold her.  Of course I don’t want to yell at her or make her scream in public but I also don’t want to be the mother with the out of control child.  So, I usually run in and out as fast as I possibly can.  I’m ready for this phase to end.  Anyway, in the process I left the kids pizza at the checkout.  Fail.

Josh and I had steak and zucchini for dinner. It was simply AMAZING.


 I added a small sliver of Grass-Fed garlic and herb butter on top of the steaks. It gave them great flavor.


For dessert… I picked up some Chocolate Chex.  I only buy it every once in a while because it’s very addicting but oh so good.


Josh and I go the gluten-free route as much as we can.  We like how it makes us feel.  I don’t like to tell people I don’t eat gluten because I HATE labeling myself.  Of course sometimes we go out and eat what ever we please but when at home, we cook gluten-free most of the time.  It works for us.






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