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Negative body talk: a challenge

Posted Aug 26 2008 4:04pm
I know that when I feel down about myself, food and body are the first things I tear into. And I've, uh, noticed this as a pattern here in the blogosphere .

What I'm wondering is: is this negative body talk at all helpful?

I'm not saying you should never do it. In fact, this is the place for honesty if ever there was one. That's one of the things that makes this group of women great. But what I'm wondering is if going into detail about every single part of your body that you hate and why and how this makes you the world's worst person is really productive.

For starters, the act of writing it all out seems to solidify it in my mind. It makes the bad body image so much more real .

For another, it puts me, as a friend, in an awkward position. What do I say? I don't want to give Ed the time of day by engaging in a pointless debate. Yet I also know that these feelings are very real.

This is not meant as a criticism to ANYONE, more as an avenue for self-exploration. What purpose does saying all of these negative things fill? Sometimes (and this is hugely embarrassing, but there you have it), I've been known to use this kind of negativity as a way to fish for compliments. Or at least reassurance that things aren't always what they appear. But really, people telling me I'm delusional about how I see myself doesn't really help things any. Why? I don't believe them. I need to hear it, but I don't believe them.

I think there's a difference between saying "My arms look fat and I'm not comfortable with how they look" and spending a whole post detailing each and every part of the arms that you hate.

So. Here's the question: How does this help you? And if it doesn't what would help?
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