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necessary changes

Posted Feb 06 2010 2:57pm

Sometimes we have to make a change or changes that we might not want to in the short runbut are important in the long run (or even before that).

I think Annyou're in that exact position right now. 

I know how all you guys feel about change- and very few people really love difficult changes anywayso you're not alone. But sometimes we have to consider doing it anyway.

If the situation we're in isn't sufficiently meeting our needs we have to readjust. Annin your situationyou need more help and more support. From what you saythe schedule of the therapist you see now doesn't allow for you to meet with her often or consistently enough. Given the state of your anxiety (whichas far as I can tellis becoming increasingly intense over time) you need to be seeing someone very regularly.

I know you've already been through a therapist change recentlybut I'd recommend you consider (strongly consider) finding a therapist who can meet with you often and regularly. This has nothing to do with whether you like your therapist (I know you do)whether or not she's skilled/talented (she apparently is)- it isn't anything personal about your therapist at all (and rememberI don't even know who your therapist iswhere she isor what school you are atso this is definitely not personal on my part). This is only about meeting your needs.

University counseling/health centers are set up to meet the needs of studentsstaff and faculty. The center will be able to match you with someone who can be available enough.

I'm not saying this will be easy. I can tell you thoughthat when people get into places like you sound like you are (serious anxietyself-doubtwanting to quit what they're doing) it can quickly turn into a crisis. You want to do whatever's necessary to avoid that. And having the right kind of treatment in place is a crucial aspect of doing that. 

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