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My Work-Out Hero

Posted Oct 04 2009 11:14pm
The best workout this morning: Jillian's Banish Fat and Boost Metabolism. I was getting bored with The Shred and found this at the local library to try out for the week. Wow! I was sweating...the workout lasts about 50 minutes total with warm-up and cool-down. Luckily I have time during the summer to do the complete workout but I can't imagine waking up early enough to do it when I start teaching again. Jillian is my work-out hero...I so admire her and she can kick my butt. Feeling good from my sweat, I started my day with a new breakfast.

Overnight oats soaked in water = genius! Added sliced peaches,bananas, and spinach. Topped with a mix of nuts and Voskos Greek yogurt. Very different for my taste buds but definitely yummy.

Lunch was the other half of my roasted butternut squash and sugar snap peas with an All-American burger grilled up with hummus and kale.

Snack: Voskos Greek yogurt with sliced banana and Hawaiian granola. Perfect granola with bits of dried pineapple, shredded coconut, and macadamian nuts. Aloha!

Carrots before dinner. My jaws were hurting after munching these. Does that happen to anybody else?
Dinner: I've always been curious about Turkish naan bread. I finally decided to purchase some wheat naan at the local indo-european store. I used it as a pizza base spread with tomato sauce and topped with scrambled eggs, hummus, and kale. I baked it in the oven for about 10 minutes and sliced it into wedges to dip in a 100 calorie pack of guacamole. What have I been afraid of?! The naan was perfection and had a chewy slightly sweet taste to it. The only scary thing to my ED brain was not knowing the amount of calories I was eating since it wasn't on the packaging. But it was hella good. Any ideas on how else to eat naan?

And being the dumb a** that I am, of course I accidentally deleted the picture of my great new creation. I will have to repeat the meal tomorrow for your viewing pleasure! What's in the plans for tonight? Sex and the City Season 2 picked up at the flea market this past weekend for...$4! What's your favorite season?

Dessert tonight: Medjool dates with some hot cinnamon tea...
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