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My Second Beautiful Blogger Award

Posted Feb 18 2010 12:00am

Priyanka at The Healthy Diary passed along this gem to my blog! Thanks so much sweetie :) I don't deserve this but I will happily accept and pass it along to all my readers. I've received this before so some people actually love me but here's another 7 facts you might not know about me.

1. I sucked my thumb until I was 12. I'm ashamed of this but I credit this habit for the reason I've never had braces or cavities. Let me keep believing that.

2. My dream job was to one day work for the CIA or FBI which was why I majored in Government and started my Masters in Criminal Justice. Don't ask me how that became a teacher.

3. The best vacation I remember is the summer I spent exploring Spain with my best friend. I fell in love with Sevilla and said I would one day move there. Hmm...why haven't I yet?

4. I used to have an insane fear of peanut butter and all nuts. Over it!

5. My guilty pleasure is watching entertainment shows. ET, Extra, The Daily 10, E News!....

6. Even though I am a teacher, I have no desire to have kids. I keep thinking to myself, "What if that's my child one day?" It's scary to think of bringing a child into this world right now.

7. My standard breakfast all through college was powdered do-nuts and chocolate milk. Thank goodness I've discovered the yummy goodness of oatmeal! I used to think only geriatrics ate this in the AM.

Sadly, I haven't taken any food pictures today and I went out to eat with my family at The Corner Bakery where I order Mom's roasted chicken sandwich with carrots. I LOVE their bread and reminds me of why I could never go on a no/low carb diet. Screw Atkins!

Keeping with the things to do if you dare...athletic things today
Ski down a double black diamond run in the Rocky Mountains.
Try kite-surfing.
Go bodysurfing in the ocean.
Swim against the current of a river.
Do a "polar bear" swim. (That means pick a really cold place, during the cold season. Take off your clothes, jump in, get out, dry off, and go home.)
Swim beneath an underwater obstacle of indeterminate length.
Go snorkeling. (Did this in Cozumel and trust me it looks easier than it is.)
Rappel out of a helicopter.
Go barefoot in a wintry setting. (Who hasn't done this? I'm surprised I didn't get frostbite.)
Climb a building.
Run a footrace.
Run a marathon. (On my New Year's Resolution list that I have to check off!)
Juggle sharp objects.
Jump a horse. (I did get to ride one :)
Play pato. (Combination of polo and basketball.)
Ride an elephant.
Ride a mechanical bull. (Yes, I am from Texas so of course I've done this.)
Ride an ostrich.
Drive a dogsled.
Race a dogsled.
Ride a BMX bike.
Take employment as a bike messenger in a metropolitan area.
Ride a bicycle across the United States.
Do a triathlon.
Swim with sharks.
Swim with dolphins.
Swim with jellyfish.
Learn to scuba-dive.
Scuba in a cave.
Get punched in the face, at least once.
Learn a martial art. (Purple belt in Tae Kwon Do.)
Fight someone in a competition.
Fight someone obviously far more skilled than you.
Try fencing.
Play jai alai.
Try water-skiing. (Check.)
Street luge.
Play Hornussen. (Swiss sport.)
Launch an arrow using a bow. (Did this once.)
Fire a bolt using a crossbow.
Go hang-gliding off a cliff.
Try para-gliding.
Pilot a kayak.
Sail a small (less than3-person) sailboat.
Sail a yacht.
Wrestle an alligator.
Wrestle a bear.
Attempt extreme ironing.
Participate in a rodeo. (I'll stick to watching it and its clowns.)
Fight a bull.
Attempt bull riding.
Do a logroll.
Go deep sea fishing.
Try your hand at commercial fishing.
Go spearfishing.
Go ice-fishing.
Go crabbing.

To be continued....

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