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My Refrigerator and Apple Straws

Posted Jan 25 2013 1:46pm
Quote of the day, “You’re amazing, just the way you are.” -Bruno Mars

I’m still with it. Morning Workout: Insanity DVD Cardio Power and Resistance

I feel great! Right when I woke up this morning I was feeling the burn from yesterday workout. I love that sore feeling when you know you worked hard for it.

I just started using this water bottle to save on bottled water. (We go through a lot of bottles.)

Shopping trip 001

At Christmas we draw names and do a gift exchange with my family.  The unusual thing about the way we do it ,is that our gift must come from a gas station.  My mom got this for Josh but he let me have it since it was pink and not red like my mom thought. ;-) I’m not sure what brand it is or anything but the filter is built right in.  It makes it fast and easy. I love it. Just trying to do my part for the environment.

Today was grocery day.  We were out of everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. It was a good thing because I got to clean out the refrigerator and organize.  I dropped Braiden off at preschool and Scarlet and I went to three different stores. (To get the best deals everywhere.)

Shopping trip 003

I think I wore her out because while I was putting groceries away I found her on the couch about to fall asleep.

Shopping trip 011

I am so happy that our food situation is organized. It always makes me feel great.


Yes, we will go through this much produce in about two weeks.

The kids have special tubs. One tub in the refrigerator and the other in the panty, both filled with their snacks.  They know what they get to have and where they are. It’s a great way for them to make healthy choices on their own but I am still in charge of what I put in there. They know right where to go when they are hungry and I let them have a snack.


The one in the pantry usually contains all natural granola bars, all natural fruit snacks, raisins, and almonds.


The one in the refrigerator usually has applesauce, yogurt, string cheese, cuties, and carrots.


Luna bars were on sale for $1  so I picked me up a few treats.  I am in love with Luna bars. A-Mazing. I had a Luna s’mores bar on my way home from the store for breakfast.

I always like to pick up something new for the kids to try when I go to Dierbergs.  In their healthy organic section I found these…

Shopping trip 020

Multigrain Cinnamon Apple Straws from Sensable Portions .

I sat Braiden down, asked him to try some and tell me what he thinks.  The verdict…

verdict 002

I even tasted some.  They really are good.  They taste like the cinnamon twist I used to get from Taco Bell.  These are even better as a matter of fact!

38 straws contains 130 calories, only 2 sugars, 0 trans fat, they’re kosher, and all natural. We give these babies a big thumbs up in this house.

I’m getting really excited for tonight’s dinner at Ces and Judy’s Catering in St. Louis.  You’ll hear all about it, don’t worry.

Questions: Do any of you mom’s out there use a special system for your kids snack?  What do they usually eat?

Do you have any Plans for the weekend? Workouts? Long Runs?


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